You’ve been Tolkien in your sleep…..

Probably something I ate…dreams of walking trees and being chased by hideous monsters whilst still in my pyjamas- orcward…ouch! More likely to have been talk round supper table with my son, a JRR fan, about latest LOTR game that he has ordered, tales of dwarves etc etc. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge-so much so he now wants to study Anglo-Saxon at uni..following in footsteps of the great man…and it may also be down to the fact that we are going to Oxford today to have lunch at The Eagle and Child, the haunt of Tolkien and C.S.Lewis who dubbed themselves The Inklings when they met there. Their nick name for it was The Bird and Baby – useless info is free on this site. Looking forward to it-not least as the menu looks good – lots of standard fare but the pork belly sounds good, as does the rib eye steak sandwich and the asparagus pancakes. I also like places that name where there sausages come from – in this case Gloucester Old Spot pigs…whether we will bump in to a Took or a stray wizard, we will wait to see.

2 thoughts on “You’ve been Tolkien in your sleep…..

  1. Thank you! It was a great lunch – eating there could become a hobbit – oh dear…sorry!
    Amazing to be sitting where they sat, drinking at same bar – pub dates back to early 1600s too. Impressive.


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