Get it on….

Was whisked back to my youth yesterday when someone on Facebook posted a T.Rex video of a TOTP performance of Get it On. I was as much mesmerised by the appalling outfits the audience were wearing as I was by Marc Bolan making love to the cameras with his Gibson Flying V guitar and under eye glitter. I hope I didn’t dress like that..I fear I may have done! It was a good day yesterday, not least because Nigel Slater tweeted to say he had looked at this blog and liked it. He was taken particularly by the Flat Bread idea. To say I was chuffed would be a gargantuan understatement. My Twitterati friends made me shine too, especially those who spread the word about this tiny planet in the mighty Blogosphere. Thank you all. Today is a planning day – family descend tomorrow for 5 nights. Menu all sorted. Meat ordered from Parsonage Farm – going to drop in there Saturday morning to collect – also just to soak up the atmosphere. If you live in Hampshire – visit! Website at bottom of blog with address. Will put recipes up for coming days soon. Thinking about doing a Lemon Spiced Chicken with chickpeas tomorrow, then a 3 veg linguine Thursday. Friday, I fancy making paella. They are curry fans, so possibly an Indian lamb dish Saturday. Sunday, considering a hearty ox tail stew in Guinness with spinach dumplings. I think I’ve seen Mr Oliver cook something along those lines. Have spent too many hours on Spotify this holiday – but it’s been worth it – am listening to some wonderful bands whilst fiddling in the kitchen – The Lumineers, Fossil Collective, The National, Death Cab for Cutie, Bastille, Damien Rice, Black Keys and so on…I love the Latin Radio station too…makes me feel like I’m cooking in Spain! Right – off to write the shopping list – then a shower – then to the food shops!! Yes! Oh, and the sun’s out!

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