Feta and Chilli Sandwich

This is a family favourite for a light lunch or supper. Take a block of feta. Rinse it under a cold running tap for a moment to wash off the salty brine. Chop up and deseed a red chilli. Chop up a couple of spring onions. Pan fry lightly, very lightly in olive oil. Move to one side and place the block of feta in the pan, whole. Grind a little black pepper over it. Turn up the heat a little and pan fry until it just starts to melt around the edges. Top with the chilli and spring onions. Cut into quarters. Lightly toast 4 halved ciabatta rolls.

Drizzle with a little olive oil. Place a quarter of the feta on each with a share of the chilli and onion mixture. Pop on the top half of the roll, squashing the cheese slightly. Serve as quickly as you are able….!


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