So, that was a good day…

Great to have good friends round for an Easter Saturday meal.. I live for days like this – when there is a house full and I can get into the kitchen early –  6.30am today – preparing for the food to come. Good music helps – BBC 6Music was brilliant this morning – been Spotifying recently too! Now listening to some great new stuff from Death Cab for Cutie, Fossil Collective, The Lumineers, Bastille and Damien Rice. Music, scents, the quiet of the morning- heaven to me. Music, food, good company, good wine- makes life very worthwhile…after all the prepping, got a moment to power nap – then a cortado and back in business – started with a crisp NZ wine at 12.30pm- accompanied by pita crisps –  knocks the spots off anything you buy – recipe will be on here next. Then what you see on here followed – the squash crostini and then the lamb – finished with a Double Lemon pudding – ridiculously easy to concoct. Recipe will follow – promise. A 2011 Chianti with the lamb – you have to taste this dish to realise how sexy and creamy it is –  and a superb Moscatel dessert wine with the pud – though we did take time out and went for a walk round the grounds before the pudding! I am rambling – been one of those days. Relaxing as the dish washer goes into overdrive with a glass of primitivo…AND MCFC won 4-0 – there is a God! And currently he is smiling on our part of the planet….Cheers!!

One thought on “So, that was a good day…

  1. Amazing starters, wonderful mixture of flavours. Lovely sitting with friends eating incredible food and laughing, perfect Easter weekend X great blog and photos X


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